GitHub for AnyLogic

Struggling with versioning? Trying to build an AnyLogic model as a team?
Learn how to apply modern software development principles to AnyLogic. Never lose old versions, co-develop as a team and super-charge your efficiency.
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What will you learn?

By taking this course, you will be able to:
 Version your AnyLogic model and never loose progress
Avoid typical stumbling blocks that you normally face with AnyLogic versioning
Collaborate with your co-developers on the same model. At the same time!
Solve conflicts efficiently
Learn about the extended capabilities of GitHub
(Project management, documentation and much more)
The how is arguably most important

How will you learn?

I take great care to provide insights in a way that you will actually remember them, applying best practices wherever possible

High-quality content

This is not your typical, boring video tutorial. I carefully crafted an experience that will keep you captivated. Recorded in a studio in HD @ 60fps with professional sound, you will feel as if I am standing next to you.

Interactive experience

You will not just watch videos. I will continuously challenge you throughout the course. Not just with questionnaires and homework but with tailored feedback on your performance.

Practice within minutes

Teaching should not be passive. You will create your first GitHub repository in minutes and we will continuously learn by doing exercises. All steps can be easily applied to your actual model, even if you already started using Git(Hub).
surely you don't need this course, do you?

Why should you bother?

This course provides value on many different levels.

Workflows for AnyLogic

There are thousands of Git workflows out there. But they never apply to the special world of AnyLogic and simulation modelling.
The workflows I teach are proven and refined through many years of testing as an AnyLogic consultant.

Highly transferable skills

Learning Git and GitHub is a skill you will need throughout your career in IT. Any modern software development applies Git.

Instant CV gold   

Applicable for anyone

Student working on a model yourself? A lone developer at a company? Or part of a large industrial team handling several models? This course covers the workflows for any application area and use case.

Not just Git

You will also learn about the amazing tools that GitHub holds for you beyond versioning and backup.

Project management, issues, milestones, Kanban boards and more, all tailored for AnyLogic development.
Don't just take it from me

What others are saying

Certainly a course with a lot of added value for everyone who takes it! We definitely benefited a lot he use of GitHub for version control and mapping of parallel editing of our simulation models by several users in our company. Therefore: we can highly recommend it!
Dr. Anna Carina Römer (IPOL GmbH)
I've already gained a lot of knowledge from Ben and now you have the opportunity to do the same! A very useful masterclass for collaborating AnyLogic projects with GitHub. By the way: Also very essential if you are working on your own! A lesson I learned just recently 🤯
Max Selmair (Tesla)
A very informative course that will be useful for managing model development going forward!
Sam Farr (DBD International)
The course is great! Thanks for creating it.

It was much-needed material for collaborative development of AnyLogic models.
Amit Kumar (SimWell Consulting)
Course content you will get

What is included?

This course will take you from the basics all the way into the most obscure minutia that is relevant for AnyLogic developers:

high-quality Videos

COmprehensive Sections

exercises & ideas

marked ExaMS & feedback

Files and resources


1. Introduction

Learn about the concepts of Git, GitHub, versioning and why modern software development could not exist without it.

2. Your first repo

Build a repository in minutes and start making your first AnyLogic commit.

3. Single-user workflow

Let's dive deeper into how you should work as a sole AnyLogic developer, including branches and pull requests.

4. Advanced GitHub features

Explore what GitHub offers for AnyLogic developers beyond versioning. Issues, project management, KPIs and more.

5. Advanced Git features

We learn how to fine-tune your versioning with "gitignore" to avoid conflicts. If you work with very large files, explore Git LFS to handle these.

6. Multi-user workflow

Learn how to work on the same AnyLogic model at the same time as a team. We dive into the challenges and learn all about conflict-avoidance techniques.

7. Conflicts

Despite best efforts, you will experience conflicts. Learn how to solve conflicts efficiently, either with Git, using editors or from AnyLogic.

8. Wrapup

Discover advanced GitHub settings, learn about alternative versioning options and what AnyLogic 9 will mean for model collaboration.

Frequently asked questions

Why is this so expensive?

Have you ever lost a few hours of modelling progress because you did not backup? Or you created a Git conflict with a colleague you could not solve? Now compare that to your hourly rate and you will see that this course pays for itself very fast. Add your growing value on the job market as these are essential software development skills as well, and you get yourself a great investment.

Do you have any discounts?

No. This course is already priced as low as possible. But you can pay in installments, check the options upon enrolling. Moreover, you can get a lot more value out of it by checking the bundles I offer.

Do you have any free training resources?

More than you can imagine, yes. Check my YouTube channel for tons of free videos. Also check my public appearances for in-depth AnyLogic workshops. And last, my blog holds tons of useful knowledge to learn and advance your simulation skills.

Will I have access to the materials forever?

Yes. You will never loose access to your course materials.

What if I get stuck or need help?

all my trainings come with a build-in social network. You will be able to chat and interact with other pupils and myself. Feel free to ask any questions and I will be happy to help. For more advanced support, check out my bundle offer upfront or book some time with me separately.
Meet the instructor

About Benjamin

Ben is one of the most experienced AnyLogic simulation consultants in the world.

With almost 15 years of industry experience, he served clients on 4 continents and in almost any industry.

Ben expanded simulation capabilities within McKinsey & Company, Inc. and continuously shapes innovative tools and libraries for the AnyLogic community.
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