More about me

Some more information on my journey so far

Serving clients myself

2018 - 2024
I realized my dream and started my own simulation consultancy. I am fortunate to serve dream clients in diverse industries. Moreover, I push the AnyLogic community into new areas all the time: developing a UI library, creating reinforcement-learning approaches and designing custom spatial models just to name a few endeavors.

McKinsey & Company, Inc.

2017 - 2018
They say that 2 years at McKinsey is like 10 years elsewhere. And I agree. I pushed simulation as a consulting tool while serving clients on 3 continents in 5 industries. To this day, my seeds of simulation-thinking are growing within the firm and at their clients.

First consulting - time for reality

2012 - 2016
Working as a simulation consultant for decisionLab, I started serving my first real-world clients with AnyLogic models. Some of these are still in use today! Clients mostly came from the aerospace and Defense sector, with the odd chocolate manufacturer in between.

PhD - Laying the foundation

2008 - 2011
"Check out this AnyLogic tool, it may be cool for your PhD". These words from my PhD supervisor started my entire career in simulation modelling and AnyLogic. I honed my skills during the PhD, but even cooler: my PhD is officially called a "PhD in Complex Systems Simulation".
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