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Bundle-up: Combine a course with 1-1 coaching

Add 1-1 coaching time with me to your course for a steep discount: You can spend the coaching time any way you like  

Frequently asked questions

How can I use the 1-1 coaching time?

After payment, you will get access to the course itself as well as a booking page. There, you can book 4 hourly slots directly on my calendar (pending my availability, similar to this). You will receive a calendar invite with GoogleMeet or Zoom links for the slots.

Do I have to use the coaching time *while* doing the course?

No. You can book your 4 hourly slots any time you like. You can also keep them until well after the course and use them for something else entirely.

Do I need to use the additional coaching time for the course content?

No. Feel free to make use of the time any way you like.

What if I get stuck or need help after our time runs out?

All my trainings come with a build-in social network. You will be able to chat and interact with other pupils and myself. Feel free to ask any questions and I will be happy to help even beyond our time. Also happy to discuss discounted hourly rates beyond this bundle offer.

Will I have access to the materials forever?

Yes. You will never loose access to your course materials.

Why is this so expensive?

Have you ever lost a few hours of modelling progress because you did not backup? Or you created a Git conflict with a colleague you could not solve? Now compare that to your hourly rate and you will see that this course pays for itself very fast. Add your growing value on the job market as these are essential software development skills as well, and you get yourself a great investment.

Do you have any discounts?

No. These bundles are a heavy discount on my hourly rate already :)

Do you have any free training resources?

More than you can imagine, yes. Check my YouTube channel for tons of free videos. Also check my public appearances for in-depth AnyLogic workshops. And last, my blog holds tons of useful knowledge to learn and advance your simulation skills.
Meet the instructor

About Benjamin

Ben is one of the most experienced AnyLogic simulation consultants in the world.

With almost 15 years of industry experience, he served clients on 4 continents and in almost any industry.

Ben expanded simulation capabilities within McKinsey & Company, Inc. and continuously shapes innovative tools and libraries for the AnyLogic community.
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