Jul 7 / Benjamin Schumann

Which AnyLogic training is right for you?

You are hungry. Really hungry to learn AnyLogic. Well, congratulations. There is a big buffet of knowledge right in front of you. Time to eat now, right? Well: Almost  .

Unfortunately, you are blindfolded and severely allergic to peanuts:
  • Blindfolded because you have no idea what to learn, in what sequence and how it is relevant to your needs.
  • Allergic because you don't have the time or resources to eat the entire buffet. You want to eat what is good for you

What types of training exist

What options do you have to learn AnyLogic? What are the pros and cons of each? Let's explore:

Training courses

Obviously, this is the most expensive approach to learning AnyLogic. But arguably, it is also the most cost-efficient way forward.

Without your blindfold, your personal concierge takes your hand and asks you "what would you like to eat"? If you reply "fish", ideally they ask again: "What type?". They know what contains peanuts and will provide the best meal to make you more than full.

There are 2 options:

"AnyLogic in 3 days"

This is the normal training course designed by AnyLogic and delivered many times per year around the globe. Some a pre-scheduled by AnyLogic directly or by larger distributors. 

However, you can also book these with experienced trainers (yours truly again) for your team only.

The goal is to give you a "tour-de-force" of all the stuff that is possible with AnyLogic (which is almost anything, as per the name). Recommended if that is what you need.

Tailored training

Ideally, you eat from the buffet that which is best for you. Since there are no signs, your concierge (AnyLogic trainer) will pick and choose for your needs:
  • pick specific sub-topics from "AnyLogic in 3 days"
  • neglect irrelevant topics (no need for system dynamics for manufacturing)
  • expand on your needs (deep-dive into data handling...).

I recommend 2-5 days, ideally on-site.

Here is an overview on what to expect by chosen duration:

1 day: barely useful... unless?

Hard to really cover anything useful beyond absolute basics. Unless you already are versed and just want to expand in 1-2 special topics

2 days: not too shabby

Covers most of the basics, albeit rushing a bit. Your head will be spinning but you will have seen 60-80% of what is possible.

3 days: good decision

Now we have enough breathing room to explore specific needs for your situation: 1-2 deep dives are possible. 

4 days: Premium package

We cover all basics and explore some of your topics in more detail. You will have seen almost everything and we had enough time to train in you to solve your problems yourself (albeit slowly)

5 days: Get cracking on your issues

With this much time, we can already start building your upcoming model(s), and apply the learning directly. This sends you off a lot more confident: "I know I can solve most issues and if not, I know how to get help"
Now why would this be the most cost-efficient option?

Think back to the buffet example above: A good food concierge not only shows you the best food, but also teaches you about other foods, nutrition background and why it matters. So you leave full but also with knowing about a balanced diet. And now I better stop here before I stretch this analogy any further  
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