Introduction to Simulation101

Benjamin Schumann

Hello and a very warm welcome to my blog. In this very first post, I want to spend a bit of time introducing myself, why I decided to write a blog and what this blog is (and is not) about. Moreover, I will lay out a plan for future posts as I already have a ton of ideas of what to write about.
Generally, I plan to write about useful information a simulation modeller needs to know about. I will publish a post every week so you can rely on regular, useful content. Topics will range around good modelling practice, what to do and what to leave out, latest technical developments and personal lessons learnt that would benefit other modellers as well.

This blog will largely be software-independent, i.e. it does not matter what software you use for modelling (if any). I mostly work with the AnyLogic software but I find that 95% of my consulting skills are either not related to a specific software or can easily be transferred to other software.
In terms of pre-requisites, I will aim to have a good mix of beginners as well as advanced and expert topics. I believe that no matter your level of expertise, you will benefit from the topics (either to recap or to learn new things).
I will try to keep posts succinct such that more elaborate topics will be reviewed in several posts, probably in the format of series.
For starters, I will pick up a great summary of twelve points modellers should adhere to (see Simulationist Bill of Rights from the Simio Blog). I will spend some time to look into each in more detail. Therefore, the first real post will be on Clear Objectives. Happy reading...
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